Jeff Cantor

Jeff Cantor, EMT

Jeff Cantor, EMT, is a Life Member of the Marlboro First Aid Squad, Marlboro, New Jersey, for the past 24 years. Jeff Cantor achieved his New Jersey State Certification as an Emergency Medical Technician in 1984 after making a decision that he wanted to volunteer because, “I think it is important to give back to your community. Our community residents need our help the most when they are either injured or ill. Being
able to help people when they are the most vulnerable or concerned about their health is extremely rewarding in its own right.”

Jeff’s most touching experience as a volunteer occurred while riding on the MFAS. In 2019, a young adult was involved in a very serious automobile accident. He was clinically dead and had serious trauma including a fractured pelvis, 2 fractured legs (Femur fractures), was not breathing and his heart was not beating. Through the brave and valiant efforts of the Marlboro Fire company, they were able to extricate him from
the car so the MFAS EMTs could perform CPR and help stabilize his many injuries. A helicopter medevac transported him to a trauma center. He survived the horrific crash due to the amazing efforts of everyone involved in the pre-hospital & hospital environments.

Jeff has a long history of volunteering and past work includes many veterans’ charities, soup kitchens, and the biggest volunteer initiative, Jeff volunteered to join the military. Jeff works as a Councilman for Marlboro Township for the last 16 years and is a retired Colonel in the United States Army for the past 32 years. Jeff enjoys motorcycle riding and traveling.